Jamia Milia Professor Dies Of Covid; "Any ICU Beds Leads? For Myself" Being Her Last Tweet.

A string of Tweets narrates the tale of the last few days of Jamia's professor who lost her life in Covid, on Monday.

Jamia Milia Islamia University professor Dr. Nabila Sadiq (38), succumbed to covid-19 infection, after battling for over a week in a Faridabad Hospital, on Monday. Her last tweet was an SOS, seeking an ICU bed for herself.

Nabila's mother, Nuzhat (76) passed away ten days before Nabila's death. She was suffering from covid-related complications. Her father, Mohammad Sadiq (86) had got admitted to the hospital. However, he got discharged and is under home quarantine.

According to one of her students in Jamia, just when they came to know about their professor's health condition, quite a few of them rushed to her place. They started looking for beds and finally got one at AlShifa Hospital. A couple of her students stayed at the hospital every day, doing turns.

They did not inform Nabila about her mother's demise keeping in mind her health condition. Hence, her friends and family refrained from telling her about the heart-wrenching news of loss. Her mother had died on May 7th. Her students performed her mother's last rites at Mangolpuri, and that very day Nabila's condition started deteriorating. They had to shift her to Fortis Hospital, Faridabad, as her oxygen levels had dropped to 32. She had to be put in ventilation by Saturday night. She breathed her last at 11:00 pm, on Monday.

An assistant professor of Gender Studies, Dr. Nabila Sadiq, had a keen interest in writing poems. Her students also said how helpful she was as a guide for the students' theses. Every student who wanted to write a thesis on Gender Theory wanted to do so under her guidance and mentorship. She had also helped quite a few of her students to cope with the pandemic.

As the covid situation in India continues to be grip, the country recorded its highest death toll in the last 24 hours. The number of deceased has reached a frightening count of 4,529, in the last 24 hours.

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