A covid-19 patient receives world’s first lung transplant

Image source - ANI

A Japanese woman, who was suffering from several lungs problems, as her lungs got affected because of Covid-19, became the world’s first lung transplant recipient.

Kyodo News Report :

According to Kyodo News, this entire operation took almost 11 hours to complete. A healthy lung was transplanted from the patient’s husband and son, to replace her damaged lungs.

Hospital said :

The hospital had informed that both the donors and the patient, are out of danger. But the patient, who is now in extensive care, shall be discharged within two months if this operation is going to work out successfully.

Kyodo News Report :

According to the Kyodo News report, before performing this transplant, a person has to agree and maintain some guidelines, such as age and physical condition. This operation is more compatible with the person who doesn’t have got infected with covid-19.

Hiroshi Date told :

Professor Hiroshi Date, who was in charge of this operation, told, “I think there is a lot of hope for this treatment in the sense that it creates a new option.” It was reported that this woman hasn’t suffered from any disease before. But at the end of the last year, she got infected with covid-19, which is a result has distorted her lungs conditions. She has developed pneumonia, which in result has hardened and shrink, both her lungs, and had also destroyed most of their functionality.

Hospital disclose :

The hospital discloses that the infection risk of all the medical staff has decreased after two months had passed, since she received a negative result in the PCR test.

Kyodo News Report :

As per Kyodo News, “The woman was admitted to the hospital on Monday while connected to an artificial heart-lung device known as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, or ECMO, and underwent a transplant of part of her husband’s left lung and part of her son’s right lung two days later.”

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