Journalist arrested for defaming Prime Minister Modi's caste

Journalist Aakar Patel was arrested for an offensive tweet against Modi

The Gujarat Police arrested journalist Aakar Patel for allegedly using offensive tweets about the Ghanchi community.

The complaint was lodged as an FIR registered in July against him by a BJP MLA belonging to the Modh-Modi community.

The case relates to three tweets posted by Patel between June 24 to June 27. In his first tweet, Patel claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi belonged to Other Backward Classes or OBC. Secondly alleged the Muslims involved in the attack on Sabarmati Express trains belonged to the Ghanchi community.

In the third tweet, Patel accused the mentorship of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to be an instigator in the cyclone of violence against other minorities especially Muslims.

The journalist was charged under Section 295A for acts of inciting religious outrageousness against a particular community with malicious intent. He has also been charged under Section 505(1)(b) for spreading false content resulting in fear among the public.

Patel had allegedly urged people to protest peacefully against the police brutality in the wake of George Floyd's murder in The US. The MLA remarked that such messages instigated violence in the public by using racial hatred as a weapon.  

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