Karnataka About To Cease Beef Supply To Goa

Beef is consumed in Goa as a staple food. Recently, Goa is suffering from a of beef due to a large number of consumer and limited suppliers. The meat shops in Goa had been shut down but it has reopened due to the festive occasion and would be open for limited hours because the supply has been reduced to 50% of the actual supply.

The suppliers of fresh beef from Belagavi or Belgaum, Karnataka has stopped. The reason behind the hiatus is 'Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill, 2020' by the Karnataka Assembly.

Whereas about 15 to 20 tonnes live beef or frozen meat was supplied earlier, now it has lessened below than 10 tonnes a day. Which may not meet the average need of the local and tourist consumers of the state. And due to Christmas, the demand is higher than expected.

Citizens are very concerned due to the crisis and are approaching CM Pramod Sawant to look after the matter. CM has confirmed on December 22, 2020 that registered agents are permitted to import live animals from other states if beef isn't available. He had also arranged sources from animal husbandry and veterinary service. The traders as well are arranging live animals from Delhi and Kerala to meet the increasing demand.

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