Karnataka High Court: Parent's Don't Upskill How To Care Empowered Women

Karnataka High Court-file photo

Bengaluru: According to the Karnataka High Court, empowered women are not handled perfectly as parents do not instruct their sons about this.

This is the matter as we are still in a benevolent society. Despite the talk of women empowerment, Indian society does not know how to care for women empowerment. This is a verbal observation by Justice BV Nagarathna throughout the hearing of a divorce petition ordered by a couple, who had gone in for the marriage exactly two years ago.

According to the bench, the empowered woman should understand how to control her family. The woman in this case can not manage with the circumstances, the court could not accept this agreement.

According to Court, this can not be a reason to disregard her husband. The couple granted more time to reevaluate their possibilities. It postponed the hearing to the week of January.

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