Karnataka Prepares to Welcome Tallest Hanuman Idol Of All Time

After the temple of Ram Lalla and Shri Ram's Statue in Ayodhya (221 meters), the devotees are all set to expect a gigantic structure of Hanuman Statue in Kishkinda, His Janmabhoomi.

Hanuman Janmbhumi Teertha Kshetra Trust, a Hampi-based Trust in Karnataka is devising the plan to establish the statue in copper. The massive sculpture has a height of 215 meters & its expense is estimated around 1,200 Crores. The Hanuman Statue is 6m shorter than that of Lord Rama in Ayodhya underlining the idea of eternal respect that the blessed devotee & disciple cannot go beyond the heights of his supreme Lord.

The site will exhibit itself as an example of an edifice that will associate devotees' spiritual emotions with a memorable experience The head of the Trust, Swami Govind Anand Saraswati replied with same vein, “As of now only deity of Hanuman is atop the Anjanadri Hill (near Hampi), which requires devotees to climb 550 steps to reach the temple. We want to make it magnificent and accessible to all. A place that will reflect our rich heritage.”

As sources revealed, the state Government will partly corroborate the project with monetary assistance while the trust will collect the remaining amount through donations. In order to do so, the trust iToof a nationwide Hanuman Chariot Yatra. According to a report, the statue will come to be known as the Statue of Devotion.

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