Kerala Dental Student shot dead, accused kills self after murder

The alleged killing of a medical student at Kothamangalam in Ernakulam by a youngster, despite his promise to police not to stalk her, bares the glaring absence of effective mental health interventions.

t Image Source: The news minute In a horrific incident, a youth shot dead a college student before killing himself. A 24-year-old woman, Manasa was interning at Indira Gandhi Dental College in Kothamangalam was shot dead by a man in the Kothamangalam region of Kerala’s Ernakulam on Friday. The incident took place at Nellikuzhi in Kothamangalam, at the residence of Manasa, where she was living with her friends. The deceased have been identified as Manasa and Rakhil. According to the police, Manasa and Rakhil are natives of Kerala’s Thalasseri and Kannur districts. Neighbours alleged that Rakhil had broken into Manasa’s house in Kothamangalam and shot her. While her friends narrated the ordeal said, Manasa was having food, when Rakhil reached the house. Following this, he forcibly took her to the next room and shot her there. Manasa was lying in a pool of blood when people opened the door and entered the room. Though she was rushed to the hospital, she soon succumbed to her injury. “The locals rushed to Manasa’s house after hearing gunshots and found both Manasa and Rakhil with injuries on their faces,” the police said. The police further added that “they were immediately rushed to the hospital where the doctors declared both of them dead on arrival.

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