The two medical students of Thrissur Medical College dancing to the tune of Rasputin by Boney M took a communal turn. The two students named, Janak Omkumar and Naveen K Razak posted a video on the 23rd of March 2021, which has become a social media sensation. However, for the past two days, it has faced a lot of criticism and the critics have added a communal angle to it. DUO FACING CRITICISMS: The critics have portrayed, the two students belong to different religious communities, specifically pinpointing the boy’s religion. The main idea which critics are trying to hint towards is rising and promoting the concept of love jihad. HIGH COURT ATTORNEY’S GRAVE CONCERN: On April 8, Krishna Raj – an attorney at Kerala High Court, and a right-wing sympathizer – shared the screenshot from the video with a caption that cast suspicion on the fact that a Muslim boy was dancing with a Hindu girl and dedicated a post regarding this subject stating her grave concern, that the two genders of different community, dancing together seems fishy and henceforth publicly stripping the boy’s religion warned Janaki’s parents and asked them to be careful, and if they are careful, they won’t have any regrets in future. UNITY IN DIVERSITY: MASSIVE SUPPORT

This post has triggered massive outrage with people taking sides either to support the students or Krishna Raj. However, the majority of the responses on social media have been in support of the youngsters. On Friday evening, the college union came up with yet another video of more students dancing to the same music. The video was posted with the hashtag #resisthate and captioned, “If your plan is to hate, then we have decided to resist”. The people also came out in support, making #dancejihad as a trend, mocking the right wing’s take on viral video. VICTIMS RESPONSE:

The two students, Janak and Naveen have faced a lot of communal trolling and hatred and yet responded very firmly to the negativity they received, Razak and Omkumar said that they are not bothered and stated, “We are the new generation.”


Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor, took a stance on this incident, by praising the duo and being very supportive. He tweeted his views and said "These kids deserve applause and encouragement, instead of the Hindutva venom being spewed at them because of their different religions. They ooze both talent & comradeship, the best of Young India. And they will make empathetic doctors one day! #Respect #Applause #DancersNotJihad."

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