"Kidnapped" Indians Returned At Afghan Airport

Image Source: Hindustan Times

Among other terrible news that is coming from Afghanistan in its new Taliban rule, multiple Afghan media have published reports on the kidnapping of many Indians awaiting evacuation, by the Taliban. Taliban spokesperson Ahmadullah rejected this news and claimed that all Indians are safe.

Later, it was found out that the alleged "kidnappers" had taken around 160 Indians who were waiting at the Hamid Karzai International Airport for evacuation to check their passports. They were reportedly held at a garage near the airport, while some were taken to the nearby police station for questioning in trucks. Presently, they have all been released by the Taliban.

Earlier this week, another Taliban Spokesperson has claimed that India can complete its projects on Afghan soil since "all those works are for the people (t)here." He has added that the Taliban will not allow any country to use Afghanistan and its soil against another country.

On Wednesday, the Taliban broke into the Indian consulates at Herat and Kandahar and conducted thorough searches there for papers. They entered the consulate forcibly at Kandahar, while they took the parked cars from both the consulates.

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