Kitty Kumaramangalam, Former Union Minister’s Wife Killed In Her Delhi Residence.

Kitty Kumaramangalam, the 68-year-old wife of the former BJP led Government’s Union Minister (1998 - 2001), Rangarajan Kumaramangalam, and herself a lawyer by profession, was killed on Tuesday in her residence of Vasant Vihar in Delhi. Allegedly, Raju Lakhhan, a 24-year-old man living in Bhanwar Singh Camp, a neighboring area of the victim, has been identified as the prime accused. Raju worked as a washer-man in Kumaramangalam’s residence.

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File Photo of Kitty Kumaramangalam.

The complainant is also a house- helper. According to her statement given to the Delhi Police, Raju came to the deceased’s house around 9 at night. As the house- helper opened the door, he overpowered her and locked her in an unoccupied room. Next, two of Raju’s accomplices entered the house and assaulted Kitty, following which the accused smothered her with a pillow present in the house. Later, the domestic help somewhat escaped and call for help. The police were informed around 11 p.m at night.

However, the police stamps it to be a robbery, which turned into a murder case as two briefcases were found open near the crime spot.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (South West) Ingit Pratap Singh, the accused, Raju has been arrested already. Although, according to Raju’s statement to the police, he was handed over a bag by the other two associates which were supposed to be filled with items stolen from the victim’s house. But on opening, Raju only found clothes stuffed in the said bag. "It appears that the two made a fool of him as well," Mr. Singh said.

Police abstained from revealing further details. The facts of the case will be revealed on the arrest of the other two accomplices.

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