Kolkata HC bans fireworks till November on the occasion of Diwali

The high court of Calcutta has passed a resolution to ban all fireworks till the end of November, that has been issued for the greater good of the public interest. The legal resolution came to the forefront a couple of days after the High Court had requested the citizens to refrain from bursting crackers, in order to keep the air quality control in check, synchronizing with the respiratory problems that the affected patients of the Coronavirus have embraced.

The ban on fireworks include all kinds of sparklers and the likewise, excluding the wax based and oil based diyas. The duration of this ban extends till the Chhath Puja, Jagadhatri Puja and Guru Nanak's birthday, starting from Diwali.

In addition to the ban on fireworks, the division bench of the High Court has also remarked on the refrainment of the celebration of Chhath Puja on the lakes of Ravindra Sarovar and Subhash Sarovar. In addition, Diwali immersions have been instructed to remain low-key, with wearing of marks being a compulsion. What is positive about the fact is that the Kali Puja committees in Bengal have eagerly welcomed the decision of High Court

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