Kolkata: 1000 volunteers are needed for the Covid vaccine trial

Covaxin Trial to be started in Kolkata

(Source - Hindustan Times)

The proposed trial for phase 3 of Covaxin requires 1000 volunteers from Kolkata. Senior personnel of NICED on Friday told the source that people living in a radius of 10 to 15km within the city will be selected for conducting the trails in Kolkata.

The officials of the medical institute informed the source that NICED has already got numerous applications from the people who want to take part willingly in the program. They further said that they are finding participants from a 10 to 15 km radius as this will help them to reach the institute quickly when they are needed.

The institute has already received thousands of applications from volunteers who want to be a part of the program willingly for the phase 3 trial. The list of final 1000 volunteers will get finalized within the 1st week of December and after then the phase 3 trial will begin.

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