Kolkata: 6 men molested a woman and beat up her father

Six men molested a woman in the Alipore area

(Source - India Today)

Kolkata: The police officials told the press that 6 men allegedly molested a girl just near her house and beat-up her father when he tried to protect her. The gruesome incident happened in the south-Kolkata, Alipore area on Sunday.

The woman was returning to her house on Sunday night when 6 men passed vulgar comments against her and even made some filthy gestures to her. The woman protested against them and they starting groping her from behind.

A senior police officer told the source that after hearing her scream her father ran towards her to protect her and was beaten by the alleged 6 men.

Unfortunately, the father lost his teeth in the assault and after other families reached the spot after hearing screaming, the alleged men fled from the area. A case has already been registered on Monday but till now no one has been arrested by the police.

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