Kolkata: Active Covid-19 cases at 3 month low

503 active cases reported in Kolkata

(Source: Times of India)

Kolkata: The city of joy saw a decrease in its covid-19 for the very first time in the last 3 months having only less than 5000 active patients. West Bengal as a whole also saw a decrease in Covid-19 cases and reported low cases after 19 weeks. Although this is great news for the city and the state, doctors have advised more RT-PCR test to mitigate any slippage.

Kolkata recorded 503 covid-19 cases on Tuesday which eventually tallied the active covid cases to 4930. In the whole state active cases stood at 20663 which were the best figures since August 1. Bengal reported 2289 covid cases on Tuesday and 503 of them came from Kolkata.

The doctors are happy to see the active cases decline in the state and had advised for more RT-PCR tests. The data released related to covid-19 also showed improvement in the state as total cases in the week of December went down to 17855 from 21570 which was reported in the first week. The state has also seen a slight decrease in the infection rate but still, there is a long-run ahead for Kolkata to recover fully.

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