Kolkata: Bagbazar Slum On Fire, No Casualties Yet

Bagbazar slum caught fire 25 trucks ushered to extinguish the fire

Bagbazar Slum encountered a massive fire on January 13, 2021. The incident occurred in the evening rush hours, at the slum area on Kshirode Vidyavinode Avenue beside the Bagbazar Women's College near Chitpore Lock Gate Bridge. 20 Fire trucks were sent to extinguish the ambush. So far, no one is known to be killed or injured.

Kolkata police officials said the flame enveloped several shanties in the slum. It is suspected that the explosion of cylinders caused the fire. As the wave of blasts is heard by many. Though, police aren't sure about the cause and are still investigating.

Some shanties were either partially or fully burnt out and numerous properties were damaged. The dwellers managed to vacate the site thus, so far no one is harmed. The fire has also affected a portion of maa Sarada’s house.

The infuriated locals grumbled as the fire trucks and the police delays in arrival. The firefighters validated, the entrance was narrower in comparison to the fire trucks.

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