Kolkata: Biker dies after falling from the bridge

Kolkata: Biker dies after falling from the bridge

(Source: Times of India)

Kolkata: A man (64) riding the Keshtopur to Baguihati flyover on a bike, lost his control and fell on VIP road, 35ft. below the bridge. The 64 yr old rammed into a guard wall while riding his bike and this caused this unfortunate incident.

The deceased, Safiar Rahaman Mallick was on a four-lane flyover when he rammed over a 2.5ft sidewall at 1:35 PM. Initial investigation revealed that the man either lost his balance or got spooked by another high-speed vehicle which caused his loss of control of his bike. However, there were no tire marks or drag marks over the road which reflects that the man did not apply any brake and rammed himself into the sidewall.

Police officials revealed that the bike was left over the bridge while Mallick flew off the bridge below the VIP road. Later, he was taken to hospital but he had already suffered severe injuries on his head, neck, shoulder & face. He was bleeding continuously and even suffered multiple fractures. he succumbed to his injuries later at the hospital.

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