Kolkata finally started to enjoy Sunday winter walks

The city of Joy is getting back on track

(Source: Fab-hotels)

Kolkata: As covid cases saw a drop in Kolkata and parks and attractions got opened recently, the city of joy seems to get back on its joyous track. On Sunday, the renowned parks of Kolkata - Eco Park & Nicco Park along with Alipore zoo hosted several families in their yards.

Children were seen throwing frisbees and families were seen enjoying a picnic at Alipore Zoo and Eco Park. The mild winter weather was just too good for Kolkatians to miss on Sunday. Although, the hosted crowd was much less than the usual it saw a slight increase than the last months.

In the last few weeks, the mornings of Kolkata was covered with dense fog and gloom, however, the weekends were just perfect in Kolkata which ultimately increased

the traffic.

MET officials have told the source that the weather in Kolkata will remain pleasant for the next few days as Kashmir saw snowfalls this weekend. The northern winds are set to reach the city of joy and will keep the weather pleasant.

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