Kolkata: High Court orders CAG to conduct an audit on Amphan Relief

HC administers CAG to conduct an audit for Amphan Relief Fund

(Source - Republicworld)

Kolkata: On Tuesday, the High Court of Calcutta told the CAG (Central Auditor General) to convey an audit on Amphan Relief. The HC commanded the comptroller and the CAG to take into account all the relief materials that were distributed along with compensation that was given to the public during Amphan into consideration.

the Honorable Chief Justice T.B. Krishnan with Justice Ajit Banerjee gave the order to completed the whole investigation in the next 3 months after hearing the PIL. Samim Ahammed, the advocate told the source that the whole investigation will be carried in 2 parts where one part will try to address the monetary expenditure, the part will try to showcase the role of the personnel in the allocation of the fund.

It is to note that 5 PILs have already been registered by different sources and have demanded the same thing. The Central government has provided 1000 cr as a Relief Fund to the state government but the state has only released 6500 cr. for initial reconstructions and to benefit the affected household.

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