Kolkata: Majerhat Bridge got certificate of Clearance

Majerhat Bridge got clearance

(Source - Millennium Post)

Kolkata: After getting a series of backlash and punches over Twitter, the railway officials on Friday finally gave the clearance certificate to the Majerhat Bridge. Aroop Biswas, the PWD Minister told the press that the 4-lane cable bridge has been delayed for over 9 months as railway officials did not give the bridge the necessary permissions.

Earlier BJP workers had protested against the deletion of the bridge as it connects the major part of south Kolkata with Central Kolkata. Mamata Banarjee, the CM of West Bengal took a dig at BJP workers quoting that they are creating unnecessary drama as the central government is causing the deletion. The state government also told the source that the construction of the 4-laned cable bridge has already been completed and they are just waiting for the railway approval so it can be opened for the public.

A senior official on Friday told the source that they have finally got the clearance access from the railway and they will soon announce a date for the bridge inauguration. PWD Minister in a tweet stated that they have paid railway authorities a sum of 7.37crore as a part of supervision and consultation.

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