Kolkata: Outer metro structure of Esplanade Metro completed

Figure: Outer Stretch of Esplanade Metro Station

(Source - Best Bengal)

Kolkata: The acting metro agency of the East-West corridor, Kolkata Rail Corporation Ltd. has completed the construction of modelling outer-structure of the Esplanade Metro Station. The said station will be acting the same as Hauz Khas station of Delhi and it will be linking the Koka Esplanade Corridor, North & South Corridor with the East & West Corridor.

The workers and the site designers have already started the blocking work. This means that they have started building a system and ticket rooms in the station. The Metro station is spread over 30000 sq. foot and will possess four levels.

The Metro corridor of East-West that will connect Howrah Maidan with Salt Lake Sector 5 stretches to 16.6km. It will have 12 stations. The first phase was already inaugurated by the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal on 13th February of this year. However, the whole stretch will be likely to get open to the public by December of 2021. The initial costing of the project was estimated at 4874 Cr but now it is been revised to 6500 Cr.

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