Kolkata's private transport elevates to 4-times in 8years

Private cars running by the streets of Kolkata ( Source:- https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/ )

"Kolkata was designed for public transport and non-motorized modes of transport are it the bicycles, etc apart from walking and it was wrong to change the basic design of the city to create space for private cars". they say.

Kolkata, the city of joy, with more than 12 crores population with different cultural backgrounds, immense enthusiasm, mystery, love, etc recently recorded, the number of personal used vehicles elevated 4 times in 8 years between 2013 to 21. Not just the cars, the two-wheelers went up to seven times.

In spite of being one of the busiest city, the transport department claims that the average speed of vehicles has gone down by 25%. Taking all of the above into consideration, it is quite evident today that this covid situation is one of a major cause where most of the population preferring their own mode of transport to maintain the safety measures though the transport department report also indicating towards the more the comfort, the more pollution.

Talking of the pollution, the two-wheelers equally are creating concern around the city because people in Kolkata mostly believe in cost-cutting measures and it is spotted right from the year 2000, there is end number of vehicles registered in the city, but of course, the lockdown made its impact too, hereby during this ten months of covid, majority of people from outskirts reach their destinations via motorcycles, scooters, several people of the city bought cars, vehicles which also have developed the number.

Recently, the survey report that was sent to the state government claims that the car count has reached 53,930 or more this year alongside the two-wheelers which have reached 66,038. In fact, the same methodology was also been carried out during morning peak afternoon off-peak and pre-evening peak hours at places like Park Circus, Ultadanga, Sealdah Esplanade, etc to keep track of appropriate measures.

Hence, the covid has further changed quite a few things in the city, bicycles have also been tracked down in the southern side of the city which is around 15% and in the northern part with 8% appropriately. Well, Kolkata without buses, yellow taxis are lifeless, isn't it? Now, the buses, autos, and drums are just causing one-third of the pollution today. In fact, 43% of private cars and taxis and 23% of bikes are accounted for in the city which is creating a matter of concern and not the buses and autos, the report claims.

Therefore, being part of such a city of immense joy and population having a huge percentage of pollution is definitely a threat for the general public and no one individual commuter is blamed but all. Yes, safety is important, at least right now the entire world is concerning the same but why is safety compromising pollution?

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