Kolkata: Teen subjected to moral policing, got thrashed for being with a girl

A group of men allegedly abused and assaulted a 19-year-old youth with an iron rod in the Salt Lake area for being in the company of a girl.

Image Source: Times of India A 19-year-old was subjected to moral policing and was thrashed by a group of men outside the park of BA Block in Salt lake, after finding him in the company of a girl. The incident took place in Salt Lake area on Monday last week, but came to fore on Wednesday when the residents’ association filed a police complaint against the youth, alleging that he was indulging in “unethical activities” The youth, a Phoolbagan resident, narrated the plight on social media, said that around 5:15 am, he completed a round of cycling and then sat with a girl on a bench outside a park in BA Block. Meanwhile, while the two were chatting, the BA block community center’s caretaker showed up and alleged that the youth and his friend were indulging in indecent behavior and further asked them to leave the place. The youth reported that he stepped up to protest, while more locals joined in, alleging they were doing “dirty things”. The crowd gathered and began hitting the youth. One threw away his bicycle in the drain, and two showed up with iron rods. The girl had initially fled the spot but had come back after the youth called her for help. However, the men were abusive towards her as well; he said. “I had never felt more powerless before. The rod hit me again, near my eye. I grabbed it and snatched it away. People pounced on me again and I stopped everyone, saying I don’t want to hurt anyone, so please stop. Thankfully by then, the police came, and the hitting stopped as well.” However, the locals rejected the allegations of assaulting the youth and spoke in their defense saying, the only reason locals protested because the youth was sitting in a way that made everyone uncomfortable. Subhendu Kundu, the secretary of BA Block residents’ association, said that, “he was sitting in such a manner with the girls and elderly residents in the area couldn’t bear to stand the sight. We had just asked him to sit at a distance maintaining COVID-19 protocol, and he began abusing us. The youth was extremely aggressive and had even pushed a senior citizen. But we never beat him up,” said The youth further mentioned that the local councilor, Rajesh Churmar, was called, but it was of no help since he asked the locals to continue beating. Rajesh Churmar on being confronted has denied all the allegations and said, “I told the men to call the cops or talk to the boy and ask him to leave. If he had been assaulted, it is wrong. But then he should have complained to police if indeed something like this happened. I am ready to help the young man if required.” The cops after rescuing the youth, handed him over to his family, and despite facing the assault the youth has filed no complaints against the residents of BA Block but the residents of BA Block has registered a complaint in Bidhannagar police station, stating that an outsider indulged in unethical activities within their premises.

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