Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. It isn’t an easy character to play said, Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart reveals how the character of Princess Diana affected her after wrapping up the production on Spencer. Kristen Stewart stated the level of attraction for princess Diana since childhood.

Figure: Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana (Source: yahoo news)

Speaking of “Spencer” the movie directed by Pablo Larrain that will focus Princess Diana at a pivotal moment of her life. The movie itself holds a lot of insight into the royal family. The movie is focused on a three-day weekend during the Christmas season in the early 1990s, during which Princess Diana divorced Prince Charles and leave the royal family.

Kristen Stewart stated prince Diana means a lot to her, and the experience is new. As Kristen is from LA and didn't grow up in England.

Kristen shared her experience of stepping into the shoes of royal life. “Before this, She was not something that was at the forefront of my mind, because I lived so far away from it all.”

Kristen also stated “I can’t stop thinking about her,” Kristen admits. “I often wonder what she’d think about what’s going on in the world right now.”

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