Kudumbasree Women on a "drive-away hunger" spree amidst Pandemic.

Blessed with the highest rate of literary, Kerela runs a state-sponsored poverty eradication program named "Kudumbasree". Ever since the world has braced itself in the pandemic situation, the Kudumbasree women are on a spree to feed everyone in exchange for a minimal charge of 20/-, in order to have a poverty free Kerela.

This minimally charged meal includes a wholesome rice meal that is served daily from 12.00 pm - 3.00 pm. In spite of the hike in food prices and the sky heights rise in food prices, these women have constantly worked together to form community kitchens in order to feed everyone, maintaining the norms of social distancing protocol.

In addition to the base menu, accompaniments of fish or beef or egg can be added, but they usually come at an extra cost. The hotels of these community kitchens have a seating capacity of almost 20-50 people and are a savior in the times of pandemic when a majority of people have lost their jobs.

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