Late night protests haunt Kerala.

People protesting for the resignation of the higher education minister

The place is infuriated with protests and violence on Saturday as the opposition Congress and BJP workers went on the warpath demanding the resignation of the higher education minister, KT Jaleel because of an act seen as an FCRA violation.

The places that witness this wrath of the common folks include Idukki, Kottayam, and Thrissur. As media reports of Jaleel’s questioning by the ED came out, students of the Congress and the BJP took out protests outside the secretariat, leading to police lathi-charge. A couple of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) members sustained injuries. The protestors walked to Jaleel's house but the police were successful in beholding them.

"There will be state-wide protests till minister KT Jaleel resigns. Police have carried out a cruel lathi-charge on our workers and leaders. We will observe black day tomorrow,” K. Sundaran added.

The police try it best to curb the disturbance by lathi charges and water gun sprays on the protesters. Only truth will win. Even if the entire world opposes it.” was what the minister replied as an answer to the protest.

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