Latest COVID-19 report in India today.

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COVID-19 live updates

The cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours are 1.32 lakhs and 3207 deaths.

- If we talk about the healing rate of covid-19 cases, according to the WHO (world health organizations), "We observed the net reduction of 101875 cases within the past 24 hours."

Tamil Nadu faced the highest number of patients. MK Stalin (chief minister of Tamil Nadu) told, “lockdown can’t remain an option”.

Chief Minister of Maharashtra (Uddhav Thackeray) announced -

I extend the lockdown for 15 days as it is my responsibility towards people’s life.
Now the lockdown will eliminate on June 15.

Union health ministry report:

On Wednesday, the daily positive rate reduced to 6.57 percent. The reason behind the low positive cases is high vaccination.

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New update for the foreign vaccine-

Pfizer and Moderna are two of the foreign vaccines which were recommended by the WHO; for the emergency in India.

DCGI (Drug controller general of India)

Told that there is no longer a need to import such vaccines in India for specific trials.

The government has still not decided on this issue.

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