Legendary footballer Diego Maradona dies at 60 due to Heart Attack

Legendary footballer Diego Maradona passed away due to a heart attack at 60. Maradona was in the hospital for several weeks and has gone through a critical surgery sub-dural hematoma. Meanwhile, the president's office of Argentina has declared a 3-day national holiday to honor the legend and the soccer association of Argentina has expressed sorrow over Twitter.

Football Legend Diego Maradona dies at 60

(Source - Daily Express)

The legend was released from Buenos Aires recently where he went through brain surgery but unfortunately died after two weeks due to a heart attack. Maradona was an amazing player and has surprised its critics and fans through its bewitching play style. Although the legend has gone through many rough faces like "Hand-of God" to Ill-fated charge of Argentinian team, he was always regarded as the "Pibe de Oro" of modern football and was termed as one of the GOAT along with Pele.

Salvatore Bagni quoted once whatever Maradona thinks, he makes it happen through his feet. The football legend was an aura of light for many other modern generation footballers and although he was hospitalized many times he always fought back as a true hero. It is truly a loss to the whole world since a legend of this category also said good-bye to our world.

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