'Life Must Go On': a slogan that murdered innocent lives

5 students committed suicide, a day before NEET exam
5 students committed suicide, a day before NEET exam

' I'm sorry. I'm tired', these words should echo in those silent exam halls from now on.

Jyothi Sri Durga, a 19-year-old Neet aspirant committed suicide leaving a note with these words.

And in course of a month, five such incidents have been reported in Tamil Nadu creating a buzz around the silly decision making of the apex bodies.

The stubborn guardian in the name of the Supreme court had casually defied the petitions seeking postponement of the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test scheduled on the 13th.

With their preparations already derailed due to the shutdown of coaching classes during the pandemic, students resorted to online classes and with issues like patchy internet connection and lack of resources added to their misery of practicing problems.

Moreover, practical challenges like traveling to faraway exam centers and the difficulty of wearing a mask for three hours under pressure definitely is a potential risk.

Several parents took their time out to drop their children down to the centers putting theirs as well as the children's life at stake.

Round the clock arguments, little or no concern towards the COVID affected families whose children have been preparing despite immense pressure has taken a toll on their mental health but Men in power easily undermined these shortcomings.

And solving 180 questions with masks and gloves on for three hours under pressure takes a lot of strength but with a fatigued mental state, it's unimaginable how tough would that be.

The Government's mouthpiece however termed it a 'dent on the future' of its children.

The decision of SC based on the underlying fact of 'Life must go on' may have very sound philosophical underpinnings but it turns out that life itself has ceased for the fellow students.

These suicides are an immediate consequence of the unreasonable and arbitrary exercise of power. Lacking several comprehensive judicial scrutinies, the Supreme Court ignored the practical difficulties in conducting the exam putting so many lives at risk.

With the numbers rising and the mortality rate skyrocketing, the conduction of the exam was a nail in the coffin of an already lackluster decision-making system.

The sole purpose of making an Atmanirbhar Bharat gets defeated with its children already choosing to not be part of the future.

They feel betrayed and indeed don't deserve these precious years ahead. Are they tired?

Perhaps the loudest 'Yes' at a mere cost of their life.

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