Lightning strikes Bangladesh, costs the lives of two promising teenaged cricketers.

Two cricketers died as lightning strikes Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Two propitious teenaged cricketers were killed by lightning in Bangladesh. According to the officials, Mohammed Nadeem and Mizanur Rahman were the two boys who were struck by lightning. It was reported that the boys were playing football after the rain in a stadium at Ghazipur when suddenly they breathe their last.

Actually three of them were injured but one was lucky to survive when they were taken to the hospital." All of a sudden, lightning struck and three boys collapse on the field " adds Mohammed Palash. The two of them were tagged as 'promising' by their coach Anwar Liton. He added that they were capable of having a place in the national cricket team of Bangladesh.

Statistics say that Bangladesh has lost 350 lives during this annual monsoon season due to such natural wraths. A bunch of people die due to lightning every wet season in Bangladesh which stretches from April to October.

Lightning has been declared a natural disaster in Bangladesh after 82 people were killed by it on a single day in May 2016.

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