'Literal Erasure Of Women', Says Netizens, Ads Of Female Models Whitewashed In Kabul - Photo Viral

Picture Source: Twitter

Any advertisement or poster showing women, in Kabul, are now being whitewashed, under the recent Taliban regime. A picture has emerged on Twitter that shows a man painting over walls that carry advertisements with female models. The man is carrying a large roller and is painting a wall outside a beauty salon, white.

The spokesperson of the militant group has claimed to protect the rights of women, where they would be able to go to school and have a job, but they need to wear a Hijab in public. However, last month, 9 bank employees - who were women - were forced out of their jobs in the southern city of Kandahar. They were escorted to their homes by gunmen and were asked not to return. The male relatives were instructed to join their jobs in their place.

The Taliban had enforced strict Islamic laws in Afghanistan, where women were denied several eights and opportunities, including their right to education, during the Taliban rule between 1996-2001. Women, according to the Taliban, should also not wear high heels or paint their nails, and the consequences of not following these orders are brutal, as we have learnt from the previous Taliban rule in Afghanistan, about two decades back. The previous rule by the Taliban has exposed a blatant disregard for human rights and human dignity, and fear runs among netizens that the same situation is going to repeat itself. The netizens are calling this painting over of advertisements as "literal erasure of women".

The photograph in question has been posted by an Afghan journalist called Lotfullah Najafizada, on Twitter.

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