LPG price increased Rs.50 more, second time in a month

Just a month's break. The recurrence of December happened in February! Cooking gas prices rose again. State-owned oil marketing companies raised the price of domestic cooking gas cylinders for the second time in Kolkata in February.

On Sunday, state-owned oil companies announced new prices for cooking gas. It shows that the price of 14.2 kg unsubsidized LPG cylinder has been increased by 50 rupees. At present, the price of an unsubsidized LPG cylinder in Kolkata is 745.50 rupees. It has increased to 795 rupees 50 paise.

LPG price hike. source: India TV

The Modi government wants to gradually remove the subsidy from cooking gas. A government official told the media on condition of anonymity that the target was to gradually increase the price of cooking gas and remove the subsidy. That is why there were indications that gas prices could rise. That apprehension came true when oil companies raised the price of gas twice in a span of 10 days.

Source: The Federal

It may be mentioned that on February 4, the price of a cylinder was increased by Rs.25 by the state-owned oil marketing companies. As a result, the total price has risen by Rs 75 so far this month. It may be mentioned that the price of a cylinder increased by Rs 100 twice in December. The new rates will be effective from next Monday, February 15.

However, the state-owned oil companies did not specify how much money would be added to the customer's account for the subsidy. For the past few months, oil companies have not been reporting any subsidy money to customers' accounts. However, at this stage, the price of a 19 kg commercial cylinder has been reduced by 9 rupees 50 paise. As a result, the new price is 1,569 rupees.

As it was learned last year, the government is thinking of changing the price of LPG cylinders on a weekly basis. Fuel prices rise every day in the world market. The oil companies want to fix the price of LPG cylinders every week in line with these fluctuations in the international market. In the current context, the company's senior officials think that it has become absolutely necessary.

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