Mad Rush of Diamond Hunters Create Stir in Nagaland

The State Government of Nagaland launches an investigation after pictures and video clips of Watching villagers' discovery of purported valuable gems went viral on social media networks.

The adventurous digging near a hillside drove people excited as they appear to be as shiny as crystalline as diamonds from the view of a naked eye. Soon the department of Geology and Mining formed a team of 4 Geologists to shed light into such claims. “Those are ordinary quartz crystals. They are very common and are found in different parts of Nagaland,” said Professor GT Thong from Nagaland University’s department of geology while analysing the nature of the found substances.

They expressed heavy doubts whether precious stones like a diamond has any possibility to be buried on the surface. "The discovery of four-five glittering stones has excited the villagers so much that they are digging all over. The stones were found too close to the surface and the chances of them being diamonds appear remote," stated Mon District Magistrate Thavaseelan K.

Volcanic activity and meteorite impacts are the ways that can transform the earth's crust into diamond crystals. But as far as the Mon district of Nagaland is concerned, it will be futile to entertain such assumptions in mind. They hold no records of diamond tracing there either.

Amid the ongoing speculations about the credibility of the stones, many visitors even army personnel gathered to witness the comedy of errors. Although, the Wanching village council has directed strictly the villagers not to spread fake news & also restricted the entrance of public into the village from other areas.

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