Maharashtra: BJP MP's house got robbed

Police officials on the crime spot (Source - Fast News Feed)

Deepak Sutar has been accused of stealing an antique gun from Udayan Raj Bhosle residence. The accuser got arrested as he was accused of stealing the antique when he labored at Jalmandir Palace.

The police officials provided the statement that Deepak Sutar (26) allegedly stole an antique silver gun from Rajya Sabha MP's residence when he did the work of laboring in that place. The non-firing antique was worth of 1.4lakhs and he got caught when he tried to sell the antique to a jewel house in Satara. ASI Vishal Waikar revealed that the accuser stole the vintage on Monday when he visited the residence for labor purposes.

Bhartiya Janta Party MP Mr. Bhosle is one of the decedents of Geat Chatrapati Maharaj and police officials have taken crucial steps against the accuser by registering the case against him.

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