Maharashtra Forest Dept. Assist efforts to Rescue Hyena Trapped in 15 Feet Deep Well in Pune

A 5-year-old stripped hyena fell into 15 feet deep well in Ane Village, located in Otur forest area of Pune district in Maharashtra on 17th November (Tuesday). The hyena was roaming in the forest as part of regular food hunting but ended up falling in the well, unfortunately.

A team of forest officials rushed to the spot & initiated the rescue operation after the hyena was found struggling to stay afloat in the well by the local farmers on Tuesday morning. A combined team of local NGO, Wildlife SOS jointly collaborated in the process of rescuing & ensured the animal's safety.

With the help of the kind villagers who enclosed the area, the team carefully run a thorough observation of the situation. To save the hyena's life they placed a trap cage down the well to entice the animal for a food bait. After pulling the hyena from the well, the wildlife veterinary officer then conducted a detailed medical examination on the spot to make sure it had no injuries. Then, the hyena was safely released in the wild.

The challenge of the operation is particularly reflected in Range forest officer Yogesh Ghodake’s words, "This striped hyena was foraging in the night when he fell into an open well. It was the local farmers who alerted us, thus with the help of four-member rescue team operating out of Wildlife SOS run Leopard Rescue Centre in Junnar to assist, we began rescue operations.”

Striped hyenas are not ordinary species of animal & they are classified in the “Near Threatened” category in the ICUN red list. They have to face impelling danger when they are involved in a conflict with human settlements for food, hiding, habitat destruction, poaching etc. The need for their conservation for healthy bio-diversity is emphasized by Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder & CEO, Wildlife SOS who said, “We are grateful to the villagers and forest officers for making this rescue a success.

It is imperative to educate the local communities about conservation ethics and to inspire them to coexist with the wildlife that lives close to human settlements.

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