Maharashtra: Mumbai will have a night-curfew on New year's eve

Mumbai will have a night-curfew on New year's eve

(Source: India TV)

Mumbai: The BMC has stated that they will impose a night curfew in Mumbai on new year's eve to ensure positivity and to have proper control on Christmas and New Year. Mumbaikers have this fling to go out every year on new year's eve to celebrate the new year but BMC has imposed a curfew this year for ensuring the safety of Mumbaikers against covid-19.

This year, Mumbai can see a lot of restrictions on crowd gatherings and celebrations due to the coronavirus outbreak. THE BMC and the police officials of Mumbai seem very observant to ensure no further outbreaks. It was also observed in recent raids by Mumbai police that many clubs are not following covid-19 rules and hence BMC has requested the state government to impose a night-curfew on New Year's Eve from 11 pm to 6 am in Mumbai.

BMC will also lay down strict policies for pubs, hotels, and night clubs for controlling the crowd gathering, and as per reports, it will form 24-squads for every division to control the whole section. The team will also have a firefighter, a medical official, and a security official to ensure that all guidelines are implemented successfully.

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