Srinagar: Man dead for six decades receives both doses of Covid-19 vaccine

Image Source: The Wire Mudasir Siddiq, aged 33, from the Kohlipora area of Khanyar in Srinagar city said he was shaken to find the profile of his grandfather Ali Mohammad Bhat, on the CoWIN website. Siddiq said his grandfather, who died six decades ago, his profile flashes the green “vaccinated” status. Siddiq narrated he tested positive for COVID-19 a month ago therefore, recently registered to receive his first dose and persuaded the rest of my family members to get jabbed too. The family members got themselves registered through Siddiq's number. Therefore, status reports feature on the same page.” To Siddiq’s utmost shock and as evidence, he showed the above by logging into the CoWIN website, filling in his phone number, typing a one-time password, and accessing his page. He scrolled down the page, revealing the names of family members who were registered under his number, and amongst those was his grandfather. He said, “I am surprised as to how my grandfather’s name made its way onto the list. He passed away 60 years ago. I have never seen him. Even my father has little knowledge of exactly how and when my grandfather died.” Siddiq’s father did not meet any officials to correct this because he assumed that “it won't affect them adversely.” Although he pointed out that while the reference ID and secret code assigned to his dead grandfather were unique, his date of birth and PAN card number was the same as his father’s. Siddiq had a lot of queries which he puts up, he said, “even if it’s a technical error, how does the website know the name of my grandfather? We did not even register him. And why is his PAN number the same as that of my father’s?” Till now there have been no updates from Dr. Mushtaq Rather, director of the health service.

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