Man kills his 20-month-old daughter in fit of rage

Again a piece of shocking news is reported from Maharashtra's Gondia, a man kills his 20-month-old daughter in a fit of rage after his wife requested Rs 5 to buy a sweet for the kid.

According to a report, This incident took place on February 2 at Gondia's Lonara village. The accused father got angry when his wife told that their child was crying and asking for 'khaja'. When the baby didn't stop crying, the wife requested to give Rs 5 to buy the sweet for the baby. The husband in anger stood up and smashed the child's head on a door.

The mother of the kid as telling police, "My husband returned home in the evening and as my daughter Vaishnavi was crying, I asked him for Rs 5 to buy her Khaja. Vivek said he doesn't have any change."

The woman added, "Vivek got furious after I asked for money. He picked up Vaishnavi, took her to the door and smashed her head on the door and stairs of our house. When I tried stopping him, he assaulted me too. Badly hurt, I somehow rushed my daughter to Tiroda sub-district hospital where she was declared dead before admission."

Later women filed a complaint against her husband with the police. The accused was later arrested by the police.

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