Man of 32 attacked by 7 due to objection on open drinking

A 32-year-old man got beaten by a group of seven when he stops them from consuming liquor at Gyaneshwar Nagar, Wadi.

The incident took place on January 24, the victim has been identified as Karan Pal. The victim stated that when he saw a man drinking alcohol in his construction site, he took objection. He also asked him not to drink in open. Then after the man called his friends who suddenly reached the spot in motorcycle and car.

The group fiercely drubbed Karan and attacked him with a hammer. One of his laborers came to rescue him but got attacked as well. Then after they snatched Pal's gold chain and rushed away.

All accused were confined as soon as Pal filed a complaint. The accused were identified as Charudutta Narbaiya, Akash Chawake, Bingo Agarwal, Tejas Chavan, and Yash Tekam. The police stated dozen cases are filed against Agarwal and six against Narbaiya.

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