Man Shot In The Head In Alleged Road Rage At Delhi

Image Source: The Indian Express

22 years old has been reported to be shot in the head at Delhi near the Indira Gandhi International Airport on Wednesday morning, around 5 AM. The victim is named Sandeep Bhati, who is now hospitalized in a critical condition and is now undergoing treatment. The accused is Nitin Singh, 27 years old, who is said to have been drunk at the time. He is reported to be the son of a police officer, and is now in police custody, after being arrested. The incident is suspected to be a case of road rage.

The victim, Sandeep Bhati, was in his Hyundai Verna, along with three friends, Ashu, Gaurav, and Vipin. Eyewitnesses say that Bhati and his friends allegedly tried to overtake the blue Swift car of the accused, Singh. This allegedly enraged Singh to the extent that he followed Bhati's car, and fired at it twice. The first bullet hit the rear windshield, and the second one hit Bhati in the head.

A police officer from the South-west district mentioned that they received a PCR call about the shooting, and they immediately rushed to the spot. This senior police officer said, "We found Ashu, who told that us that the victim was admitted to Yatharth Hospital in Noida. When we reached the hospital, Gaurav said they were on their way back from a temple in Bhiwadi when an unknown person started following them from the airport."

Singh was allegedly driving with the headlights of the car off. Two friends of Bhati took him to a hospital, while the other went to lodge a complaint with the police.

The police carried out their investigation, scanned the CCTV footage, and found the car of the accused.

The Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-west), said, “The car is owned by a woman who is ahead constable in South Delhi district. Her son, Singh, was driving it. After the firing incident, he drove to Kalkaji where he rammed into a road divider. He then sent his car to a repair shop in Okhla; our team has seized the vehicle.”

Singh has pleaded that he was not aware of what he has done, being overwhelmingly drunk. He claims to not remember what he has done. Singh is said to be in possession of an unlicensed pistol, which he used to fire the shots.

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