Mandatory To Provide Criminal Records Within 48 Hours, SC Rules

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It is now mandatory for all political parties of India to provide the public with the details of any pending criminal cases and antecedents of any candidate, within 48 hours of selection. This mandate has been given by the Supreme Court, while the Apex Court called this a step-through which the decriminalisation of politics will take place.

This rule is applicable for all parties, for both Central and State elections, who have to upload detailed accounts of their pending criminal cases on the website, which would be accessible by the public.

This information must include, in full detail, the nature and kind of criminal offence committed and relevant particulars, including the case number. The Supreme Court has also mandated that all the parties have to mention the reasons why a particular candidate has been selected for the said election.

This direction was arrived at after a petition was filed which demanded that symbols of political parties, which do not disclose the criminal history of their candidates, must be banned from participating in the election.

This directive is a modification of an earlier order, which demanded the publication of history within 2 days to 2 weeks before the first day of filing the nomination.

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