"Mann ki Awaz" of prime minister Narendra Modi dissolved the misconception of Indian citizens.

Image source - NDTV.

Prime Minister of India - Mr. Narendra Modi

Our honorable P.M., as usual, delivers his “Mann Ki Baat” on Sunday and the program is live broadcast on Doordarshan and all Indian radio, news agency, and mobile app, etc. to stay connected with the people of India every month.

In the past month, the main issue on which he delivered his speech was on the condolences to those who had gone to death because of COVID-19 and also not relay on the fictions created in vaccines.

Here is the juncture discussed in the “man ki Baat”.

11.05 A.M.

Cyclone Yaas and his take on it

For the last 10 days, the eastern and western parts of India. We and people fought with their complete courage and we faced the least loss of life and property as compared to the earlier natural phenomena.

11.10 AM.

Gratitude towards the cyclone warriors

I would pay my appreciation for my brothers and sisters who fought bravely against those cyclones.

11.18 AM

COVID-19 warriors

Oxygen expresses running completely by a woman's group. While the conversation with the female driver PM Modi asked to feel glorious at the steps taken by the women in such a horrific time of the pandemic. Not only women but also every citizen of India must salute such women.

11.28 A.M.

Work done by the frontline workers

Many frontline workers stood steadily in collecting the samples of infected victims.

This was a firm step and it shows humanity.

11.40 A.M.

Commemorate the past 7 years

In the successful last 7 years of our government, it extremely amazes us of the plethora of works that we have done for the nation. Our prime motive was and even is forever to resolve the issues of our nation, India.

These were some ideas communicated in the “Man ki Awaz”.


Here is a video to have a look at to have a glimpse of p.m “Mann Ki Awaz”.

Image source - YouTube

Also, there is a YouTube channel of only our prime minister where ordinary citizens can communicate with him.

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