"Mann ki Baat" Prime Ministers' cheer4india slogan touches athlete's hearts.

Image source - Narendra Modi's YouTube channel

Mann ki Baat:-

This was a kick start of our respected prime Ministers' conversation.

In my usual man ki Baat you my people asked me the questions but this day I am going to ask you a few questions.

Key points you will read exactly what was the wording of Shree Narendra Modi Ji -

1. A tribute and applaud to legendary athletic Milkha Singh. Urged people to take part in the Tokyo quiz. Took names of various athletes from the backward status as Dipika Kumari, Praveen Jadhav, Neha Goyal Ji, Shivpal Ji, Manish Kaushik, and many more sportspersons.

He also asked people to encourage our participants by # cheers4india.

2. Befitting reply to the rumors upon covid-19

He also speaks upon the benchmark of 84 lakhs vaccines on 21 June 2021.Telephonic chitchat between Rajesh highway, a member of gram panchayat, Dilluria, Madhya Pradesh, in which he encouraged all his brothers and sisters of India to enroll in both the doses of vaccine.By setting an example of his 100+ years old grandma.

Many such villages in India are 100% vaccinated. include as many women and girls in this campaign for better results as they have substantial convincing power.

3.Water Conservation is a national service.

Chalkhal-Digging a large pit to store water. One such Bhagirath worker who is a teacher dug 30,000 ponds that are an eminent source of groundwater.

A new campaign “water of field in the field, the water of village in the village.” by creating bunds in the fields." Nnashti mulam aanashodam"

Plans -

15 August is also arriving. Independence is a tale of all the martyrdom.

Amrut mahastov is an inspiration for all Indians.

Our principal motive must be “India first”.

To remain updated visit the Narendra Modi channel on YouTube.


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