Mass Shooting Outside Concert Leaves Two Dead In Miami, Florida

a mass shooting leads to the death of two and several injured in Florida.

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In Miami, Florida, around 20 people were injured and two were killed as three shooters fired at a crowd outside a concert. As per the reports by the local police, the gunfire started in the early hours outside a billiards hall. The exact spot was in a row of businesses near Miami Gardens.

According to a statement issued by the Miami-Dade Police Department, the crowd was at an event and several patrons were stationed outside. Right at this time, a Nissan Pathfinder SUV reached the scene. Three people came out of the car and started shooting at the crowd, indiscriminately. The trio then boarded the car and fled the crime scene, immediately.

As the authorities arrived, they found two people, who were declared spot dead. Around twenty people had to be hospitalized, with one in critical condition.

When authorities arrived, they found two people dead, according to the statement. At least 20 people were hospitalized, with at least one in critical condition.

The department's director Alfredo "Freddy" Ramirez III, in a tweet, condemned the act by labeling it as a "targeted and cowardly act of gun violence." He further tweeted, "These are cold-blooded murderers that shot indiscriminately into a crowd, and we will seek justice."

Police were seeking help from the community to identify and arrest the shooters.

In the past year, the United States has reported over 43,000 gun-related deaths. President Joe Biden branded the trend of US gun violence as an "international embarrassment" and compared it with an "epidemic".

Florida remains marked for the 2016 shooting incident. 49 people were killed at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. About 68 people were wounded.

Over the past year, gun-related homicides have surged across the United States. The pandemic had brought a pause to fatal workplace violence. The reopening of companies has brought a return of the deadly shootings.

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