Massive fire at the hospital in Baghdad killed 82, leaving 110 injured.

People gather inside Ibn Khatib hospital after a fire caused by an oxygen tank explosion in Baghdad, Iraq. (Source of image: India Today)

On April 24, a fire breaks out at the Ibn Khatib hospital killed 82 people, leaving 110 injured. The explosion of an oxygen tank at a hospital led to the fire. Khalid Al-Muhanna, ministry spokesperson Major General said, "We urgently need to review safety measures at all hospitals to prevent such a painful incident from happening in the future." Family members visiting patients described how people were jumping out of windows to escape. A man identified as Ahmed Zaki, who had been visiting his brother, said, "I took my brother out to the street, and came back. I went up from there to the last floor, which did not burn. I found a girl of about 19 years old, suffocating. I picked her up ran down. People were jumping out, Doctors fell on the cars." Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Prime Minister of Iraq, said that 10 million Iraqi dinars ($6,800) will be given to the victim's family. The PM ordered the suspension of Hassan al-Tamimi, the Health Minister, and Mohammed Al-Atta, the Baghdad Governor during an emergency session with his cabinet on April 26. Also, the two suspended would be questioned in an investigation. The PM also ordered an investigation saying, "Such an incident is evidence of negligence and that an investigation got launched immediately. The hospital's manager and the heads of security and maintenance to be detained along with those concerned until we identify those negligent and hold them accountable."

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