Massive fire outburst causes trouble for 500 shops in pune, death of a fireman in road accident.

The fire at Pune’s Fashion Street in the Camp area started at 11 pm Friday.

(Source: Hindustan Times)

A major fire broke out at the famous Fashion Street market in the Camp area that houses small outlets selling garments, shoes, goggles, and other accessories. Over 500 shops were affected because of the fire. As zero casualty was informed in the blaze, Prakash Hasabe, the head of Pune Cantonment Board’s (PCB) fire department was killed in a road accident while he was on his way home to Viman Nagar after extinguishing the fire. Around 6:30 am, he died after his two-wheeler came under the wheels of a bus on March 27. PCB CEO Amit Kumar reported that, “He called me around 2 am and briefed me that the fire was under control. He left the spot very late towards Viman Nagar. After that, there was no information. His son became anxious and called saying that Hasabe did not return. He then received a call from some people who told him that his father had an accident and they were taking him to Sahyadri hospital. It’s a tragic incident which took place early morning.” Even though the market was shut, It took the fire brigade six hours and 45 fire engines to douse the blaze completely. The firefighters had a tough time passing through the narrow lanes where vehicles were parked in a disorganized manner. Prashant Ranpise, fire brigade chief said, “The reason behind the fire could not be ascertained. A large crowd at the spot and water shortage also led to delay in fighting the blaze. The fire raged as there was a huge stock of clothes and footwear. “ The cause of the fire is still ascertained.

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