Mathura jail starts preparing for Shabnam's death

"Shabnam Ali" first woman to hang post Independence(Source:- )

India, the country with no proper execution for hanging female convicts since Independence will hang "Shabnam", a female convict from Amroha, UP to death. The country has a single female execution room which was built in Mathura nearly 150 years ago and is only mentioned in the UP jail manual, where soon the convict will be hanged to death.

Therefore, 38 year old, Shabnam Ali who is a double MA in Geography and English was convicted of killing the 7 members of her family which include; her mother, father, two brothers, sister in law, 10-month-old nephew, and a cousin by serving them milk with sedatives and later slitting their throats.

The woman who was 25 then, had an affair with a man called Saleem, a 6th-grade dropout who used to work at a wood sawing unit outside her place. The family did not agree to the following and opposed which resulted in such an action. Later, it was also found that Saleem was also been abetted and the two were jailed on April 19th, 2008. After a few months, Shabnam gave birth to a child in jail.

Hearing several witnesses, after 649 or more questions asked to the witnesses, the district, session court in July 2010 sentenced the duo to death which the two Shabnam and Saleem challenged in the Allahabad High Court but High Court too upheld the death sentence.

The two then approached the Supreme Court but made no difference in the judgment in the year 2015. Shabnam also did file a mercy plea to the then President of the country "Pranab Mukherjee" which eventually got rejected, filed a review plea in the Supreme Court which also got dismissed.

Thereby, after several years of the judgment passed, the convict will finally be hanged to death in the Mathura jail, hangman Pawan Jallad who helped to execute Delhi gang-rape victims will be executing the following procedure, also exclaimed "I am just an instrument, it's all god's will", have also asked for compensation as the man earns just 7500 a month and also says will be carrying his 20-year-old son along with him during the procedure of action.

Hence, the Mathura jail official says, the gallows were old enough, the jail has started preparing for the action, have ordered the ropes for the process. The officials also add, "we haven't received any warrant yet but we've started preparing".

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