Mercury may drop to 17°C, Kolkata Meteorological Office.

As winter sets in, Kolkata Meteorological Office announced that temperature is likely to drop over the next 48 hours. The Chilly northwesterly wind could start flowing into Kolkata on Sunday, pulling the minimum temperature by almost 5 degrees.

The Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC), Alipore has remarked that temperature would slide down to 17 degrees Celsius.

Kolkata had recorded a minimum temperature of 22 degrees on Saturday. The morning was welcomed with a thick cloud with spells of drizzle on Saturday. However, the cloud cover has receded by Sunday and was welcomed by a bright sunny morning.

An official from the RMC, Alipore has remarked that it was a high-pressure system that absorbed moisture, leading to the formation of clouds this week. He also added that the mercury would rise up again by the end of this week as northwestern would lose its intensity.

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