Miraculous survival: A tale of stray dog and a leopard

Dog Miraculously Survives after Getting Trapped in Toilet with Leopard for 9 hours.

The adventure near Kukke Subrahmanya on Wednesday surprised Forest Department officials lying in wait to rescue the leopard. It was nothing short of a terrifying moment for a stray dog as it found itself locked inside a toilet with a leopard for about nine hours in Karnataka's Bilinele village on Wednesday. It all began after the leopard chased the dog and both entered the toilet. Meanwhile, The Deputy Conservator of Forests for Dakshina Kannada, V. Karikalan said Ms. Jayalakshmi noticed a leopard's tail from outside the washroom after hearing noises at 4:am and locked the leopard as well as the dog inside the toilet and alerted the police and forest officials. The photo clicked by the forest personnel shows the trapped animals inside the toilet, the dog in one corner and the leopard in the other. By 9 am, the news spread across villages and people started to gather around the house. The picture was taken through a gap in the toilet's window from outside. Mr. Karikalan said a cage was placed outside the washroom and a net was spread around it. An additional cage and net were also kept on standby. A darter and a veterinary doctor were called to the spot. The leopard and the dog were “taking rest” in the washroom when the personnel closed all openings. Their mission was to make a hole in the asbestos sheet roof and dart the leopard. As the earthmover moved in, the leopard suddenly jumped towards the roof, bringing down a portion of the sheet. It bolted through an opening not covered by the net, disappearing into the forest in a flash at about 1.30 p.m. The personnel opened the door to find the dog unharmed. The family members then offered the dog some food. Just in case the leopard decided to pay a repeat visit, Mr. Karikalan said two cages were placed near the farmhouse.

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