Mithun Chakraborty stepped into Bengal politics after half-a-decade

Mithun Chakraborty who has recently joined BJP has also stepped into Bengal politics after half-a-decade of self-imposed exile, the superstar has also returned to becoming a Bengal voter after five years.

He was a voter from Kolkata when he was a Rajya Sabha MP from 2014 to 2016.

Advocate Biman Sarkar, who is Mithun’s lawyer and is married to his cousin, Sharmistha Chakraborty, said that "very recently, the superstar has become a Bengal voter. Dada (Mithun) has received his voter ID card too. He is my wife’s cousin. He comes and stays at my Dattabagan residence. It is my residential address that has been mentioned in his voter card."

Sarkar’s wife said, "on March 7, it was from her residence on Raja Manindra Road that Mithun had left for the Brigade parade grounds where he joined BJP."

She added, “Dada has silently worked for so many people without ever talking about it. Even during Covid, he had sent help to so many people of Bengal. After a point, he wasn’t allowed to continue and he had to stop."

She also said, “My uncle had expired in Mumbai. There were a nationwide lockdown and Dada was stuck in Bengaluru then. The government had made special arrangements for him to fly down but Dada told us that he wouldn’t be able to take this help since there are many who had suffered similar losses. Dada didn’t accept any extra privilege from the government."

Sarkar said, "Incidentally, this is not the first time that Mithun has been a Bengal voter. Dada was originally a voter of Jorabagan. While addressing the crowd at Brigade just ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chakraborty had himself mentioned his humble beginning at Jorabagan."

As per as information, Chakraborty used to mention Jorabagan police station in his residential address. Without this landmark, nobody can find his house. It was a rented flat, Even after shifting to Mumbai and attaining stardom, Mithun would drop by at his old para very early in the morning and have tea at the Pandit-er roadside stall.

Sarkar said, “He became a voter of Mumbai. That was long ago. When he was a Rajya Sabha MP, he again became a voter of Kolkata. But it wasn’t my address on that voter card."

Sarkar added, “Then, Dada again became a Mumbai voter. This year, he has returned to Kolkata and become a voter and will cast his vote in the Cossipore-Belgachhia constituency."

In April 2014, Trinamool had sent Mithun to the Rajya Sabha. In 2016, he resigned due to health reasons. Now after a long gap, he has joined BJP. Now to see if he remains a permanent member of BJP or again he will resign, and join another party.