Mob armed with Swords attacks Policemen in Mumbai

Mob of Sikh protestors with swords in their hands was seen breaking barricades at a Gurudwara. Source- NDTV

A violent incident broke out in Maharashtra's Nanded yesterday injuring several people. A mob of Sikh protestors with swords in their hands was seen breaking barricades at a Gurudwara.

This incident took place in the evening in Nanded Maharashtra. The mob attacked several policemen. Four of them were left injured. The mob attacked the policemen because they refused to allow a religious procession. The policemen stated that they did not allow it because of the surge in COVID-19 cases.

The Police registered a case because of a violation of the state's COVID-19 protocols. The police have stated that they have detained around 18 people linked to this violence.

A video of the violence went viral online. It was seen that a large mob armed with swords is rushing out of the Gurudwara gate. The mob broke through the barricade which was put in place by the police. The policemen who were standing guard were attacked.

According to one police personnel, four policemen were injured. The mob also damaged the police cars.

Pramod Kumar Shewale stated that the Gurdwara was informed about the restrictions. The Police Superintendent also informed that the 'Hola Mohalla' procession was not allowed. This was because of the safety protocols enforced by the state.

Mr. Shewale also said that they spoke to the Gurudwara authorities. They also explained the situation to the priests. The authorities agreed that there will be no procession happening this year. Only a small celebration will be done inside the Gurudwara.

The event was scheduled to begin at 4 pm. But, few youngsters got very impatient. Even after Baba-ji explained the condition, they moved towards Gate Number 1. Then, they started moving on the old route of the procession.

Usually, this procession includes a display of the Sikh Martial Art Skills.

The gathering of more than five people in public places is currently banned in the state. On Sunday, Maha CM, Uddhav Thackeray announced restrictions on large gatherings. These rules are in place to reduce the spread of the virus.

Despite the rules, the locals planned to go ahead with the procession. The Police had put up barricades to prevent people from moving forward. Trouble started when the Nishan Sahib flag was brought to the Gurudwara gate. The participants of the event started arguing. A large mob then stormed out of the gate.

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